About our Cele Cottage

Our Célé Cottage is located in a small, picturesque village called Saint Sulpice in the beautiful Célé valley in the department of the Lot (southern central France).
We discovered the Célé valley some 40 years ago and were immediately captivated by the scenery and tranquility. We were both teachers and the sunshine, food and wine tempted us to buy and renovate a small village house that we could enjoy during our long holidays.
We bought ‘Maison Mazot’ (the name of the previous owners) in the late 1970s and as our children became old enough they helped us with the work on the cottage and barn and then a second home in the same village where we spend much of the year.
The village and surrounding scenery are stunning. Our children spent their summer holidays here, enjoying a compbination of liberty and security that is not easy to find. These days we love the clear night sky (it is in the ‘black’ triangle of France where there is very little light pollution), the tranquillity, the scenery for painting and walking, the range of flora and fauna as well as the local food and wine, the bustling little markets and the charm of the local small mediaeval towns.
We hope that you will come to love the cottage and the area as we do.
Margaret & John Ellis