Outdoor activities

There is plenty for active people to do in and around the area. From the village there is walking, fishing, cycling and swimming. Going further afield there are a real range of water sports, yoga clubs, horse riding, climbing etc as well as a huge range of day trips.


The local river, the Célé, is stocked with trout, but there are also barbel, chub, dace and some pike and carp if you know where to look. A ‘permis de peche’ (licence) can be bought from either the campsite at Brengues or at Marcilhac (the neighbouring villages). Ticket prices vary depending on age, length of time you want the licence for e.g. day/ week/ month and the type of fishing you do, but they are all affordable. 16km in Cajarc you will find bass fishing, pike, zander, perch and carp fishing in the larger river Lot. You can buy your fishing licence here.

The valley is flat and shaded for much of the day, and a gentle bike ride is good leisurely way of exploring. There are some suitable if  rather old bikes (use them at your own risk) in the cellar. The hills leading up from the valley provide more of a challenge (particularly in hot weather) and sections of the Grande Randonnée are suitable for experience mountain bikers.  Bikes can be hired at Tour de Faure, Limogne and Figeac.

A number of canoe and kayak rental businesses have popped up along the Célé valley. They are a wonderful way to explore the river and you will often be treated to sightings of the emerald flash of a kingfisher shooting low over the water ahead of your canoe or of the herons fishing. When the weather gets really hot canoeing of the river is a wonderful way to keep cool. Lifejackets are always provided by he rental companies. Canoes can be hired at a number of places, the most local being Marcilhac (4km) and Brengues (6km) and the Moulin Vieux (8k).

Swimming & waterpark
There is a pool next to the village campsite that is open during July and August.   We have always preferred wild swimming in the river; the water quality can be variable, especially after storms,  but is closely monitored and the stretch above the ‘dam’ up to the bridge is lovely. Some form of footwear is advisable – the stones can be a little sharp! For those looking for slides and wave machines, there is a water park in Figeac (30km)

Horse Riding
There are a number of places that offer horse riding within a short car ride of the cottage. One is Les Ecuries de Seuzac, on the Lot between Cajarc and Larnagol (05 65 40 73 16), and details of others can be found on this tourist website.

Rock climbing 
There is a centre that offers climbing, speleology, climbing, abseiling and canyoning for different age groups at Tour de Faure, 25 kilometres away. More information can be found here.

The valley is a painters delight. The valley is spectacular and the local architecture is as harmonious as any you will find. The cottages and barns, all made of local limestone and traditional tiles, compliment the colours in the cliffs and the greens of the oaks, poplars and maples.

There is an old but serviceable tennis court on the campsite at Marcilhac. Better tennis courts can be found in Figeac 30km along the valley.